Since Concur's founding in 1993, it has been committed to innovation that deliver greater visibility and efficiency within the travel & expense management process. That innovation is anchored in the thought that steps and tasks can be eliminated to deliver a better process and experience for everyone.

Some examples of our innovation are:

  • Pre-population of corporate credit card transactions. Feeds can be automatically received from the issuing card bank and those transactions can be assigned to the appropriate card holder. The benefits of this is the traveller saves time when processing their expense claim, which typically drives card usage upwards of 18% which benefits the company in a number of ways.
  • Integration of Travel Requests, Cash Advance, on-line Travel Booking and Expense Reporting into one seamless process. Travellers view these tasks a single process, but technology has not treated it as one, not until Concur delivered it.
  • Smartphones are used by the majority of business travellers, whether their company provides them or not. That is why Concur has developed its mobile app on multiple platforms including iPhone, iPad and Android.
  • Concur was the first and now has the largest T&E Cloud hosting over $50 billion USD in expense claim processing annually. This innovation enables even the smallest of companies to automate their T&E process.

Driven by our Clients

Our clients also contribute their ideas and their votes to the innovations we deliver. Concur's clients can make their own suggestions for enhancements and innovations and vote collectively on which should be considered by Concur. Our monthly enhancements always include client voted innovations which all of our clients have access to as part of their service.

Travel & Expense Continues to Evolve

Automating Travel & Expense management process is not a one-time event for any company. Businesses change, grow, diversify. As they gather greater visibility into their spending, companies can adjust their travel & expense policy on the go to reflect changes they desire. Rules & regulations both State and Federal are updated periodically and the automation must reflect those changes at the time they are enacted. So Concur's T&E Cloud service can handle all of this either for you, or with you.

Change never stops why should innovation?