Integrated travel and expense

With Concur, you can manage business travel and expenses together in one integrated solution. This gives you better leverage, control and compliance—and your travelers a better experience.

A pioneer in business travel booking and expense integration, Concur is trusted world over when it comes to making travel & expenses management an easier task. Whether booking business travel or completing an expense claim, the traveller has one login to do it all. We maintain data integrity by capturing itinerary and e-receipts directly from suppliers, updating corporate credit card transactions and managing cash advances. All of this rich information can then be analysed to optimise your travel & expense management program. Compare budget to actuals, and determine whether your preferred vendors are honouring their agreements with you—all while speeding up the entire claim process.

Apart from expense management, business travel booking with Concur makes it easy to find the best travel option and provides you with a broad selection of travel choices.

Quick travel expenses reporting

With Concur® Travel & Expense, there is no longer any delay in the submission of your travel expense report. With Concur you can:

  • Create an expense report from the itinerary.
  • Automatically add expenses paid for with company issued credit cards.
  • Add expense purchases made with e-receipt providers, regardless of payment method.

Ensure compliance to travel policy

Concur incorporates your company's travel policy into the online travel booking tool. This ensures that your employees duly follow the rules, and it helps them to make the right travel decisions.

Instant Travel Expense Analysis

Concur makes it easy to keep track of business travel expenses. We provide you with a complete overview of the expenses made by all employees. With advanced reporting, you can easily assess the expenditure made on travel; other expenses, and identify areas where you could cut the cost. Dashboards provide an "at-a-glance" view of travel and expense spending for your department or for the overall company, giving you the visibility you and your management team require.