SAP Concur India

SAP Concur's business travel & expense solution has been used in India since 1999. We have served hundreds of clients in India to process travel requests, travel bookings and expense claims with our Cloud computing services.

Over our tenure of more than a decade in India, we have provided Indian entrepreneurs with innovative business solutions. SAP Concur has invested in top-notch products and services in order to meet the unique requirements of the Indian marketplace.

We have designed the SAP Concur Travel Requests specifically to meet the complex workflow requirements of fast growing Indian companies and Indian multi-nationals. In our quest to make travel booking easier for our Indian clients, we now enable our clients to book the two largest Indian low cost carriers - Spice Jet and Indigo, through Concur Travel.

SAP Concur has a Research & Development team in India since 2005 and is investing to expand this team in Bangalore. With Sales and Marketing offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, SAP Concur is committed to deliver effective and innovative business solutions to its Indian clients.

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