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Market Guide for Travel Expense Management Software PREMIUM
Submitting expenses is often a tedious and inefficient task for employees and finance departments alike. Application leaders should evaluate how modern TEM applications can substantially improve the end-user experience and add business value for the organization. Key Findings: Cloud-based application offerings generally deliver the most...

How do you balance between the security of your ERP infrastructure and the ease and efficiency gained by adopting cloud? This eBook will introduce a shorter and smarter way for your business to get there

5 Great reasons to move your expenses to the cloud PREMIUM
For many businesses, the process of managing employee expenses can put a massive drain on staff time, finance efficiency and company cash flow. Our research has shown that around 41% of respondents still rely on manual, paper-based mechanisms to process their expenses.  The ramifications of such a process can be far-reaching: errors, expense fiddling, hours wasted submitting...
Doing expenses on a spreadsheet is simply too expensive! PREMIUM

You might think spreadsheets are "good enough" for expense claims, but how good is good enough for your business and employees? 
We give you 5 reasons why doing expenses on a spreadsheet costs more than you might suspect. Read Now

This comprehensive e-Book will help you look deeper, plan a sound Travel & Expense strategy. It highlights on how robust analysis of data can offer you real-time visibility into actual expenses. With more visibility, you can:  • Update your T&E policy  • Create greater compliance  • More control over expenses 
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Getting GST Ready With Concur
“Getting GST ready with Concur” is a ready reckoner to help corporates identify and capture GST component of every business invoice and employee expense. In addition, Concur’s innovative practices also help companies identify the recoverable taxes like Input Tax Credit in every spend. Concur goes beyond just automation and helps companies not...
Gartner: Concur is now a SAP company, but not in a... PREMIUM

Mergers and acquisitions in technology often struggle to meet expectations or deliver on promises made. We believe the SAP and Concur relationship is different. If you’re an IT leader evaluating or implementing Concur, download this Gartner report and see what the analyst firm has to say about SAP’s acquisition of Concur.


Play Your Travel & Expense Cards Right PREMIUM

Look at Travel & Expense Management like playing cards; dealing with different cards everytime. However the more informed you are about how to play each of them, more are the chances of having an upper hand. Here are some insightful and useful tips that might go a long way in optimizing your Travel & Expense spends. 

eBook: Secrets of Modern Finance Leader PREMIUM
Find out the two key strategies Modern Finance Leaders put to work to stay on top of the bottom line in the midst of their expanding roles. Many of today’s finance leaders are expected to take on everything from growth planning and risk management to pricing strategies and compliance. But the bottom line lies in ensuring costs are reduced and revenue is increased. One such way of doing so is...
Encouraging Employee Productivity PREMIUM
Research shows happier employees are more engaged and certainly more productive. Other studies also show that increasingly, employees are expected to work from anywhere, anytime on their mobile devices. This concise eBook shows how choosing a mobile-capable solution for T&E Expense management meets those expectations and makes employees more satisfied, more productive and easier to...
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Google say, "Concur is the best in class expenses software"

At Google, they put the user first. They pay their expenses fast, automate, digitize and innovate. While a few years ago, turn around time was high, there was no visibility in to business spend, approvals took days to come; and now, the scenario seems to have completely changed to an integrated process that is not only on-the-go but also saves time, money and effort. For Google, this innovative journey to ensure employee expenses were policy compliant and processed on a click of a button, started with Concur.   

Marico's transformation story with Concur!

The video throws light on what propelled Marico Industries to adopt Concur. Girish Rao, General Manager, IT at Marico speaks on why they felt the need to automate their T&E and what benefits they saw in implementing Concur. He talks about visibility, mobility and cost control as they key drivers and benefits offered by Concur. His sentiments are echoed by Arpit Jain, Head of Business Process Transformation.

Concur Solutions Product Demo

Concur connects the primary pieces of business travel and spend so you can focus on what matters most to your business. Concur travel, expense and invoice solutions work seamlessly with each other and integrate with the systems you already have —ERP, HR, accounting and other business systems —to create a single, connected process for managing your company’s spend to help you save time and money, negotiate better rates with suppliers and create happier travelers. See Concur’s full platform in this end-to-end solution demo. 

An Expense Report that Writes Itself!

What if expense reports could write themselves? Join Barry Padgett, Chief Product Officer at Concur, as he demonstrates how an expense report can write itself - from booking a trip, to adding attendees from a client lunch, to automatically uploading electronic receipts, to simply snapping a photo of a paper receipt with the Concur mobile app. 

Integrated Travel & Expense Video

When it comes to travel and expense integration means everything. With concur your business travel and expenses are integrated providing you with a better user experience, more accurate data, and more richer reporting to help you make better decisions. Increase policy control while saving time and money. The Concur travel solution works any travel management company, corporate credit card provider, or GDS. Our travel booking tool provides in-policy global travel content that is easily accessible and always available from anywhere in the world.

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Archived - Elevating the End User Experience in Travel and... PREMIUM
Explore how a social shift is changing T&E technology developments to focus on the end user experience with this webinar from IDC and Concur.
Archived - Business Travel Webinar: Is Mobile the Next... PREMIUM
Travel industry leaders explore how mobile enhancements are changing how companies manage travel on the go.
Total Economic Impact of Travel and Expense Management PREMIUM
Watch this informative presentation from Concur and Forrester Research discussing the findings from the recent The Total Economic Impact of Concur Travel and Expense Management study and learn how other companies just like yours have realized tremendous savings.

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Concur enables Welspun Empower Employees with Innovation &... PREMIUM
Welspun, the US $2.3 billion, towels-to- steel pipes conglomerate has seen 23% growth over the past two decades. With its vision of empowering its employee base of over 26,000 across 50 countries, it selected Concur Request and Concur Expense to streamline global Travel and Expense (T&E) process. Their aim was to simplify expense management for the employees to make the entire work flow...
Eaton case study
By creating efficiency in how corporate spend is managed, Concur Expense removed hundreds of thousands of dollars of negative cash flow per year. Concur offered everything that was needed for a seamless Travel & Expense management application, especially in regards to functionality and spend related analytics.
DHL Case Study
Concur delivers exceptional ROI for global logistics leader, Deutsche Post DHL. In a nutshell, Concur integrated travel booking, the corporate card and expense reporting for DHL and combined the solution with sophisticated mobile capabilities. The mobility feature boosted employee adoption of the booking tool by more than 80 percent within one month of implementation.
Cable & Wireless case study
Cable and Wireless deployed Concur to tackle employee expense issues ranging from inaccurate claims, limited visibility, difficulties in identification of potential value-added tax reclaim, miskeyed information and inefficiency, to name a few. It gave top priority to Web-based business processes that could increase the productivity of its own workforce, reduce costs and provide valuable data...
Unisys case study
Unisys realized significant cost avoidance after implementing Concur globally. By moving to Concur's on-demand travel booking solution, Unisys reduced travel booking fees by more than 40 percent and realized significant cost avoidance on air spend. The platform also gave them an opportunity to look in to real-time reporting and analytics to ensure all transactions are within policy.
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Marico's transformation story with Concur!

The video throws light on what propelled Marico Industries to adopt Concur. Girish Rao, General Manager, IT at Marico speaks on why they felt the need to automate their T&E and what benefits they saw in implementing Concur. He talks about visibility, mobility and cost control as they key drivers and benefits offered by Concur. His sentiments are echoed by Arpit Jain, Head of Business Process Transformation.

User video testimonial

What does an end-user have to say about Concur? Does such a solution help them save time from mundane activities so they can channelize their efforts in to other productive tasks? Does it free them of repetitive work which otherwise is time consuming and tiresome? Yes, cloud-based services from Concur make managing spend simple, so employees too can focus on what matters most.

D&B video testimonial

This video provides substantial ground to why companies must adopt and implement Concur solutions to better their travel and expense management. D&B speaks in detail about how Concur helps them save cost, reduce resource wastage, increase compliance and employee efficiency; all this and much more by adopting one solution.

Stryker Medical video testimonial (2:26)

Our decision to use Concur really came down to cost savings. Hosting is the wave of the future so why not adopt that now?

RiskMetrics Group, Inc. video testimonial (4:15)

The Concur system helped our approvers reduce errors

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Discover the Two Key Secrets of Modern Finance Leaders PREMIUM
As a finance leader, your role is growing every day, which means you have less time to focus on things like managing employee expenses. At the same time, with a world of apps at their fingertips, your employees enjoy more purchasing options than ever before. So what can you do to maintain control over costs, cash flow and the bottom line? To learn how today’s finance leaders are staying...
Driving Business Value through Travel and Expense... PREMIUM
Driving Business Value Through Travel and Expense Management Maturity, a new white paper by IDC sponsored by Concur, demonstrates that there’s more to gain from a travel and expense solution than speeding up the process. Learn about the value organizations see when they move beyond basic automation: 482 percent average three-year return on...

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What’s keeping you from the cloud?
You need to preserve the security, data integration and governance of your ERP and you (and your users) want the efficiency and ease the cloud offers. Now what’s keeping you from the cloud? 32% of CIOs Surveyed say the cloud is one of their top priorities.* 69% agree that the discipline of risk management is not keeping up.* 89% agree that the digital world engenders new, vastly different...
2020 Insights T&E Is The Game Changer PREMIUM
Did you know... Travel & Expense spend is the second most difficult operating expense to control! In spite of this and the steady growth outlook in Asia Pacific, the sharper-than-envisaged slowdown and other factors are causing businesses to tighten their corporate budgets - including travel and expenses (T&E) instead of monitoring and then driving savings. In this infographic, learn...
Reduce your SAP maintenance costs

Move non-mission critical workloads to the cloud with Concur solutions. IT needs to enable businesses to scale. With a flat budget and escalating costs of maintaining SAP environment, discover how you can integrate Concur into your existing SAP system and effectively shift budget from CAPEX to OPEX.

Concur By The Numbers PREMIUM

No matter how much you're currently spending to manage your travel and expense requirements, Concur can help you cut costs and find new ways to save, as well as drive policy compliance throughout your organisation. One also gets the insight to identify fraud, improve negotiations and make smarter decisions. As you can see, the proof is in the numbers.

What if finance had three wishes? PREMIUM

Businesses expect greater insight and efficiency from their finance team. But handling invoices and reports can be tricky without the right processes in place. We asked 500 finance professionals to share their perspective with us in a survey by Vanson Bourne. And they did. Are those also what you wish for?