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Invoice Management - Beyond Automation PREMIUM
Many businesses struggle with manual vendor invoice processing - paper invoices get lost on someone's desk, emailed invoices disappear into inboxes, payments get delayed, late charges add up, and everyone gets frustrated. Automate these invoices in the cloud, and move beyond automation with integrated spend management, and those headaches disappear.  This mini eBook, a...
Welcome to the world of easy expense reporting PREMIUM
Wish you could set the people in your organization free from the burden of manual expense reporting? You’ve got a point – all those spreadsheets are taking lots of time away from the things that matter most – a Grayling study for Concur shows half of all salespeople spend more than an hour each month filing expense reports, instead of selling. Some spend more than six hours! This...
Taking the Pain out of Accounts Payable Management - an... PREMIUM
It can be intimidating to rework an out-of-date invoice policy or create one for the first time. This whitepaper, produced by Proformative and sponsored by Concur, makes it easy, with tips on the important things to think about and an example that clearly shows how to do it: Creating a policy on managing, storing and retaining documentation can be time-consuming, but in the absence...
Market Guide for Travel Expense Management Software PREMIUM
Submitting expenses is often a tedious and inefficient task for employees and finance departments alike. Application leaders should evaluate how modern TEM applications can substantially improve the end-user experience and add business value for the organization. Key Findings: Cloud-based application offerings generally deliver the most...

How do you balance between the security of your ERP infrastructure and the ease and efficiency gained by adopting cloud? This eBook will introduce a shorter and smarter way for your business to get there

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5 Steps to Strategic Spend Management PREMIUM
All CFOs are concerned with how their company is spending its money. However, this is of particular concern for CFOs of small to mid-size businesses who need to manage their cash...
UnBox GST with this best practise approach PREMIUM
Travel and Expense compliance has become complicated with the latest GST outline, but it continues to remain important for every business. The new tax regulations, employees, policies and acquisitions require not just increasing control but end-to-end visibility also.   Concur can make you GST ready from system,...
Gain insight into the right data at the right time PREMIUM
Changes in technology are affecting every way you do business—including how you manage your corporate expenses. Spend data now comes from multiple sources, effectively decentralizing a once very centralized part of your business. And as a result, tracking and managing spending is getting harder and harder. Get the data and tools you need to manage your spend and control your budget...
Concur report on T&E audit best practices

At Concur, we receive a lot of questions about the best way to audit expense claims. Often the approaches to audit vary greatly byindustry and company culture.

It doesn’t have to be confusing. In this report, we hope to provide a clear perspective that can help every business identify ways to improve their audit process.

Process Tax Refunds On Time With 100% AP Automation PREMIUM
All this and much more with Concur Invoice. Eliminate paper and human errors, automate workflows for faster and more cost-efficient invoice processing Timely and more accurate reporting on GST, with support for input tax credit Real-time cash-flow visibility while leveraging credit-line from Concur partners Capture and produce a...
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Concur's Neeraj Dotel talks 'Financial Transformation'

Transformation in finance has to be fuelled by data, technology and connected solutions for businesses to maximize efficiencies. Procurement and finance divisions of organizations are increasingly making strategic decisions relating to company spend resulting from insights. There is more focus on leveraging technology to streamline procure-to-pay process and make it more efficient than ever. Automating Accounts Payable is how businesses are doing so, in addition to building better vendor relationships, negotiating higher discounts, making quicker payments and claiming bigger portion of reclaimable tax.

In this video, Neeraj Dotel, MD Concur India, talks about how Concur Invoice not just brings visibility into spend but also drives 100% reclaimable GST refunds.

Google say, "Concur is the best in class expenses software"

At Google, they put the user first. They pay their expenses fast, automate, digitize and innovate. While a few years ago, turn around time was high, there was no visibility in to business spend, approvals took days to come; and now, the scenario seems to have completely changed to an integrated process that is not only on-the-go but also saves time, money and effort. For Google, this innovative journey to ensure employee expenses were policy compliant and processed on a click of a button, started with Concur.   

Marico's transformation story with Concur!

The video throws light on what propelled Marico Industries to adopt Concur. Girish Rao, General Manager, IT at Marico speaks on why they felt the need to automate their T&E and what benefits they saw in implementing Concur. He talks about visibility, mobility and cost control as they key drivers and benefits offered by Concur. His sentiments are echoed by Arpit Jain, Head of Business Process Transformation.

Concur Solutions Product Demo

Concur connects the primary pieces of business travel and spend so you can focus on what matters most to your business. Concur travel, expense and invoice solutions work seamlessly with each other and integrate with the systems you already have —ERP, HR, accounting and other business systems —to create a single, connected process for managing your company’s spend to help you save time and money, negotiate better rates with suppliers and create happier travelers. See Concur’s full platform in this end-to-end solution demo. 

An Expense Report that Writes Itself!

What if expense reports could write themselves? Join Barry Padgett, Chief Product Officer at Concur, as he demonstrates how an expense report can write itself - from booking a trip, to adding attendees from a client lunch, to automatically uploading electronic receipts, to simply snapping a photo of a paper receipt with the Concur mobile app. 

Webinars (3)
Archived - Elevating the End User Experience in Travel and... PREMIUM
Explore how a social shift is changing T&E technology developments to focus on the end user experience with this webinar from IDC and Concur.
Archived - Business Travel Webinar: Is Mobile the Next... PREMIUM
Travel industry leaders explore how mobile enhancements are changing how companies manage travel on the go.
Total Economic Impact of Travel and Expense Management PREMIUM
Watch this informative presentation from Concur and Forrester Research discussing the findings from the recent The Total Economic Impact of Concur Travel and Expense Management study and learn how other companies just like yours have realized tremendous savings.

Case Studies (8)
Powered by Concur data, AEG reclaims thousands in VAT... PREMIUM
"With Concur in place, we had already reduced our internal costs for processing expense reports. We knew there had to be a better way to get taxes back too.” -Brandon Weiss, VP of Financial Systems & Process Improvements     AEG is one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world. A wholly owned subsidiary of...
Concur enables Welspun Empower Employees with Innovation &... PREMIUM
Welspun, the US $2.3 billion, towels-to- steel pipes conglomerate has seen 23% growth over the past two decades. With its vision of empowering its employee base of over 26,000 across 50 countries, it selected Concur Request and Concur Expense to streamline global Travel and Expense (T&E) process. Their aim was to simplify expense management for the employees to make the entire work flow...
Eaton case study
By creating efficiency in how corporate spend is managed, Concur Expense removed hundreds of thousands of dollars of negative cash flow per year. Concur offered everything that was needed for a seamless Travel & Expense management application, especially in regards to functionality and spend related analytics.
DHL Case Study
Concur delivers exceptional ROI for global logistics leader, Deutsche Post DHL. In a nutshell, Concur integrated travel booking, the corporate card and expense reporting for DHL and combined the solution with sophisticated mobile capabilities. The mobility feature boosted employee adoption of the booking tool by more than 80 percent within one month of implementation.
Cable & Wireless case study
Cable and Wireless deployed Concur to tackle employee expense issues ranging from inaccurate claims, limited visibility, difficulties in identification of potential value-added tax reclaim, miskeyed information and inefficiency, to name a few. It gave top priority to Web-based business processes that could increase the productivity of its own workforce, reduce costs and provide valuable data...
Testimonials (12)
Marico's transformation story with Concur!

The video throws light on what propelled Marico Industries to adopt Concur. Girish Rao, General Manager, IT at Marico speaks on why they felt the need to automate their T&E and what benefits they saw in implementing Concur. He talks about visibility, mobility and cost control as they key drivers and benefits offered by Concur. His sentiments are echoed by Arpit Jain, Head of Business Process Transformation.

User video testimonial

What does an end-user have to say about Concur? Does such a solution help them save time from mundane activities so they can channelize their efforts in to other productive tasks? Does it free them of repetitive work which otherwise is time consuming and tiresome? Yes, cloud-based services from Concur make managing spend simple, so employees too can focus on what matters most.

D&B video testimonial

This video provides substantial ground to why companies must adopt and implement Concur solutions to better their travel and expense management. D&B speaks in detail about how Concur helps them save cost, reduce resource wastage, increase compliance and employee efficiency; all this and much more by adopting one solution.

Stryker Medical video testimonial (2:26)

Our decision to use Concur really came down to cost savings. Hosting is the wave of the future so why not adopt that now?

RiskMetrics Group, Inc. video testimonial (4:15)

The Concur system helped our approvers reduce errors

Product Tours (3)
Expense Policy Builder PREMIUM

Create Your Own Expense Policy


Looking for an expense policy for your business but don’t know where to start? How much should employees spend on meals and mileage? When can they travel business class and what can’t they claim back? 

Create your very own customisable expense policy template in just a few clicks.


Discover the Two Key Secrets of Modern Finance Leaders PREMIUM
As a finance leader, your role is growing every day, which means you have less time to focus on things like managing employee expenses. At the same time, with a world of apps at their fingertips, your employees enjoy more purchasing options than ever before. So what can you do to maintain control over costs, cash flow and the bottom line? To learn how today’s finance leaders are staying...
Driving Business Value through Travel and Expense... PREMIUM
Driving Business Value Through Travel and Expense Management Maturity, a new white paper by IDC sponsored by Concur, demonstrates that there’s more to gain from a travel and expense solution than speeding up the process. Learn about the value organizations see when they move beyond basic automation: 482 percent average three-year return on...

Infographics (12)
Do you know how you can increase cashflow by more than 3X? PREMIUM
How is your liquidity lifeline? The Aberdeen Group calls the Payables department every company’s “lifeline to liquidity.” In the whole ecosystem of employee spend – which includes employee expenses, travel spend and invoice costs - Payables is literally the captain of cash flow. But Payables is even more important than that: they have the ability to...
The Business Value of Concur Invoice
In this infographic, see the costs and benefits associated with Concur Invoice based on in-depth interviews with eight organizations that use Concur Invoice to manage and process vendor invoices. IDC projects that for a five-year period, these organizations will achieve benefits worth a discounted average of...
Claim 100% Input Tax Credit and gain much more... PREMIUM

GST is a tax trigger, which will lead to business transformation for all major industries ranging from consumer goods to pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing and logistics, to name a few. Your business will have its unique journey implementing it.

How is it shaping for you?

Mobile is changing how businesses operate PREMIUM

Smartphones and tablets have quickly become the tools of choice for today’s connected employees and business travelers. It makes business more productive.

Learn more from this infographic.

What’s keeping you from the cloud?
You need to preserve the security, data integration and governance of your ERP and you (and your users) want the efficiency and ease the cloud offers. Now what’s keeping you from the cloud? 32% of CIOs Surveyed say the cloud is one of their top priorities.* 69% agree that the discipline of risk management is not keeping up.* 89% agree that the digital world engenders new, vastly different...