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Oxford Economics Research: Effective Spending Management... PREMIUM
What makes a finance leader? What does a leader do differently to improve company performance? The results from a survey of 1,500 finance executives worldwide are in. Find out how the world's most successful CFOs make use of technology to manage spending, optimize the working capital, and boost business performance. Download the report now.
Getting Better Mileage Out Of Your Travel, Expense, And... PREMIUM
Expense, Travel and Invoice management is something that every company must manage. Whether it’s employees’ travel, expenses or invoices, it’s important that companies can manage and process expenses in a timely manner. However, this can be difficult as manual processes and limited tools often bog down the process and inhibit efficiency. The root causes for poor expense, travel, and invoice...
The Robots Are Coming! Why You Should Be Excited about AI...
Artificial intelligence and machine learning is fast becoming the next big wave in computing; and it could make a significant impact in our everyday lives. But what is it? Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents computers simulating human intelligence (learning, problem solving) and machine learning describes a subset of AI focused on statistical algorithms that learn from data to make improved...
Guide: How to Build a Business Case for AP Automation PREMIUM
Ready for AP automation - but need help selling it in? It can be challenging for many people to drive accounts payable change within their business - especially when you're bogged down in your day-to-day tasks. That's why we built this guide. It'll help you lay the groundwork to plan, write, and present a business case that you can sell into your business leaders. This includes: ...
IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Travel... PREMIUM
Travel and expense applications are evolving rapidly as vendors invest research and development dollars into bolstering, augmenting and, in some cases, redesigning their applications. It is extremely important for end users to understand how vendors and their solutions are positioned currently as well as how those vendors and their solutions may be positioned in the next three to five...
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Driving Your Business: Best Practices for Personal Mileage...
With daily trips to different offices and unreliable distance estimation, personal mileage can quickly add up. In fact, mileage is one of the top ten largest employee spend categories, and yet companies still rely on employee estimates for reimbursement. But by allowing self-reported mileage without any documentation, organizations are increasing the likelihood of intentional mileage padding...
SAP Concur Drive Brochure
For businesses with mobile employees, inefficient tracking and managing of mileage expenses can lead to unnecessary losses. Learn how Concur Drive can improve accuracy and compliance with a real-time view of employee spend. With Concur Drive's GPS-enabled technology you to pay for the actual miles driven and reduce your auto-travel expenses. Eliminating self-reported mileage can: Provide...
SAP Concur Budget Brochure
See when and where spend happens with enough time to influence it Budget gives you visibility and control of your budgets, providing an integrated, near real-time view of spend before and after it occurs. With the right information at your fingertips, you can make proactive, informed decisions to better manage your budgets and meet critical business objectives. Download the brochure...
Concur Request Brochure
Gain tighter control of your company’s spend. Concur Request allows you to control expenses before they occur, which helps eliminate unnecessary spending and ensure greater policy compliance.
Invoice Capture Brochure
Reduce recurring data entry and improve invoice turnaround time with Invoice Capture. Your Accounts Payable team spends too much time sorting, scanning and keying in data from paper invoices. The day-to-day doesn’t have to be this tedious and time-consuming. Invoice Capture helps businesses boost productivity and prepare for growth. Download the brochure to discover more about Invoice...
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Employee Experience Video

Why Tools Matter: A 5% increase in employee engagement results in 3% increase in revenue. - Forrester Research Inc 2017, The Employee Experience Imperative What if an expense report could make you more profitable? Employee engagement is about employee experience, and the success of your people and the business are inextricably tied together. SAP Concur believes if you focus on your people, the success of the organization will follow.

The Freedom Effect

How do you meet the needs of the 21st century worker? By implementing SAP Concur in your work environment you can deliver an intuitive, mobile experience your people will love. Learn more.


Recordati streamlined the end-to-end invoice management process by deploying Concur Invoice, resulting in time savings of 50%. Recordati Rare Diseases Inc. (RRD) is a biopharmaceutical company committed to providing often overlooked orphan therapies to the underserved rare disease communities of the United States. Recordati partnered with Concur to deploy Concur Invoice.

The Next Generation of Analytics from SAP Concur

Analytics provides you with a unified view of your SAP Concur data so that you can empower key stakeholders with the information they need to understand and impact the bottom line. Check out this video for some key examples of how Analytics can drive actionable insights for your organization!

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Archived - Elevating the End User Experience in Travel and... PREMIUM
Explore how a social shift is changing T&E technology developments to focus on the end user experience with this webinar from IDC and Concur.
Archived - Business Travel Webinar: Is Mobile the Next... PREMIUM
Travel industry leaders explore how mobile enhancements are changing how companies manage travel on the go.
Total Economic Impact of Travel and Expense Management PREMIUM
Watch this informative presentation from Concur and Forrester Research discussing the findings from the recent The Total Economic Impact of Concur Travel and Expense Management study and learn how other companies just like yours have realized tremendous savings.

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Powered by Concur data, AEG reclaims thousands in VAT... PREMIUM
"With Concur in place, we had already reduced our internal costs for processing expense reports. We knew there had to be a better way to get taxes back too.” -Brandon Weiss, VP of Financial Systems & Process Improvements     AEG is one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world. A wholly owned subsidiary of...
Concur enables Welspun Empower Employees with Innovation &... PREMIUM
Welspun, the US $2.3 billion, towels-to- steel pipes conglomerate has seen 23% growth over the past two decades. With its vision of empowering its employee base of over 26,000 across 50 countries, it selected Concur Request and Concur Expense to streamline global Travel and Expense (T&E) process. Their aim was to simplify expense management for the employees to make the entire work flow...
Eaton case study
By creating efficiency in how corporate spend is managed, Concur Expense removed hundreds of thousands of dollars of negative cash flow per year. Concur offered everything that was needed for a seamless Travel & Expense management application, especially in regards to functionality and spend related analytics.
DHL Case Study
Concur delivers exceptional ROI for global logistics leader, Deutsche Post DHL. In a nutshell, Concur integrated travel booking, the corporate card and expense reporting for DHL and combined the solution with sophisticated mobile capabilities. The mobility feature boosted employee adoption of the booking tool by more than 80 percent within one month of implementation.
Cable & Wireless case study
Cable and Wireless deployed Concur to tackle employee expense issues ranging from inaccurate claims, limited visibility, difficulties in identification of potential value-added tax reclaim, miskeyed information and inefficiency, to name a few. It gave top priority to Web-based business processes that could increase the productivity of its own workforce, reduce costs and provide valuable data...
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Marico's transformation story with Concur!

The video throws light on what propelled Marico Industries to adopt Concur. Girish Rao, General Manager, IT at Marico speaks on why they felt the need to automate their T&E and what benefits they saw in implementing Concur. He talks about visibility, mobility and cost control as they key drivers and benefits offered by Concur. His sentiments are echoed by Arpit Jain, Head of Business Process Transformation.

User video testimonial

What does an end-user have to say about Concur? Does such a solution help them save time from mundane activities so they can channelize their efforts in to other productive tasks? Does it free them of repetitive work which otherwise is time consuming and tiresome? Yes, cloud-based services from Concur make managing spend simple, so employees too can focus on what matters most.

D&B video testimonial

This video provides substantial ground to why companies must adopt and implement Concur solutions to better their travel and expense management. D&B speaks in detail about how Concur helps them save cost, reduce resource wastage, increase compliance and employee efficiency; all this and much more by adopting one solution.

Stryker Medical video testimonial (2:26)

Our decision to use Concur really came down to cost savings. Hosting is the wave of the future so why not adopt that now?

RiskMetrics Group, Inc. video testimonial (4:15)

The Concur system helped our approvers reduce errors

Product Tours (12)
Empower Organizations to Digitally Transform Their Expense,... PREMIUM
Organizations across the globe are undertaking digital transformation (DX) journeys to maximize employee productivity, reduce operating expenses, and improve business performance. One of the primary steps taken by organizations on this DX journey is making investments in cloud enterprise applications to automate their business processes. In particular, expense, travel, and invoice management...
Travel and Expense Trends That Will Impact Your Business in... PREMIUM
To manage travel and expense (T&E) processes effectively, companies must consider the impacts of increasing complexity in regulatory requirement, technological advances, and growing employee expectations. Here we look at five key trends that will impact your business in 2019, and we provide recommendations on how you can respond in a way that improves employee satisfaction and reduces costs.
Is Your Travel & Expense Solution Disconnected? PREMIUM
Can your current expense, travel and invoice solution keep up with today’s traveler? Your employees have more purchasing options than ever, which makes visibility into company spend even more challenging. That’s why you need an integrated solution across expense, travel, and invoice. Top-rated mobile apps and browser-based tools Easy-to-use solutions increase employee compliance, giving...
The True Costs of Paper-Based Invoice Processing and... PREMIUM
One way for organizations to reduce costs and better manage discretionary spending is to automate invoice processing and disbursements. Automation delivers an average of 29% reduction in invoice processing costs. This report discusses the problems in invoice processing like errors and low visibility and then explains the solutions that automation provides. Read the report to learn how...
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If you were to prioritize the next big innovations in your...
Let’s be honest. Travel and expense management may not rise to the surface, but there’s reason to reexamine this important financial process in light of smart new tech like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other groundbreaking tools. And that reason is your budget.
SAP Concur at Work in Manufacturing Sector PREMIUM

Read this infographic and see how SAP Concur is making life easy for employees in the  manufacturing industry through seamless travel, expense and invoice management. 

Maximize VAT Recovery with a fully-automated, cloud-based... PREMIUM
Don’t leave your unclaimed Value Added Tax. Manage your VAT reclaim through an automated solution with Concur. VATIT expertise combined with Concur data has helped businesses reclaim millions in VAT each year. An automated, digital expense system makes this possible. Paper is a thing of the past and VAT reclaim becomes almost automatic. With direct...
Is your AP Process being burdened because of GST? PREMIUM

Is your AP Process being burdened because of GST?

SAP Concur and Frost and Sullivan view on how GST has created problems for organizations, and the best solution for it.