Planning for a business trip could involve browsing through a number of travel and stay options, and finalising one based on the company's travel policy. Moreover, travel plans made by employees need a pre-approval from their managers (and others) to proceed with the booking. So searching for the right travel & stay options and then compiling a report of the same for an approval takes up a lot of productive time of the employees. Here is where an online travel booking tool can play an important part.

Concur's Online Travel Booking Solution

Concur is not just a solution for your expense reporting and reimbursement but it is also the best travel booking tool you can use for your business trips. Our online travel booking tool takes the stress out of business travel management. With Concur you can easily send your travel booking options to managers for pre-approvals and make bookings instantly on receiving the approval. With Concur's cloud-based and mobile travel booking solution all your travel needs are accessible with just a click. Also, it helps to ensure that employees comply with the corporate travel policies.

Business Trip Planning Is Now Absolutely Simple

Concur is built with advanced fare search capabilities potentially across multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and can also access air, rail and hotel content which may not be in the GDS. This empowers the employees to make smart choices based on their individual preferences and your corporate travel policy.

Also with Concur's mobile app for Smartphones and Tablet devices, different tasks of corporate travel management like booking, expense claims, report submission and much more can be done easily on the move. Your employees can send travel plans for pre-approvals, make bookings and submit the expense report even when they are not in office. This leads to greater efficiency of both your employees and their managers; plus it provides everyone with complete visibility into the travel procurement process.