Better Internal Policy Compliance

Aberdeen Group research shows that Best in Class companies regarding corporate travel & expense management automation have a 31% higher rate of corporate travel policy compliance (March 2012). Who would not want to have a 31% advantage over their competition; everyone. Aside from visibility to their travel & expense spending, driving higher compliance and adherence to policy is a key requirement for many companies.

For most organisations travel & expense spending is the second largest expense, besides payroll. So ensuring that corporate policies are being followed is good governance and good business. We also know that a typical company has 20% out-of-policy spending, so what if you could measure the level of non-compliance and then take action. You can by automating with Concur.

Compliance Starts Before Corporate Travel is Booked

Compliance begins before the corporate travel is booked. With Concur Travel Requests, companies can insure that all required approvals are achieved before booking of the travel can commence. Including approvals for Cash Advance as well. Controls are of limited value if the money is already spent.

No Surprises

Throughout the Travel Requests, Travel Booking and Expense claim process, the user knows whether their choices are compliant or not. The same guys for Managers who have the responsibility to either approve travel or approve travel expenses after they have been incurred. Again the service will let them know at a glance what is not compliant with company policy. They can approve with confidence.

Measure Policy Compliance

Finally, you will have a chance to actually measure how compliant your spending is. Enabling you to measure policy compliance by department, by spend category, by employee. Now that takes the ability to drive compliance to a whole new level.