The Robots Are Coming!
Find out why you should be excited about AI and Machine Learning (ML)

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is fast becoming the next big wave in computing; and it could make a significant impact in our everyday lives. But what is it? Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents computers simulating human intelligence (learning, problem solving) and machine learning describes a subset of AI focused on statistical algorithms that learn from data to make improved predictions.

With its potential impact, many companies are talking about both machine learning and AI and what the impact will be for the way we work now and into the future.

At SAP Concur, we have been using Machine Learning (ML) for several years to do things for our customers that could not be done any other way. With SAP Leonardo, we continue investing in the future of ML and AI with a set of innovative services that make everything from travel booking to expense auditing smarter, more automated and easier for your employees.

This whitepaper explores what's happened in the world of AI as it applies to business and how we incorporate it into our solutions here at SAP Concur.