Filling the Gaps in Duty of Care

Your employees are in varying locations across town, the country, or even the globe. Are you supporting them all? Many organizations understand they need to support and protect their business travelers, but a few realize that their duty of care obligations extend to ALL employees:

  • Employees across the country or globe. Whether travelers book through your booking tool, TMC, or outside of managed travel programs, your organization has the moral and legal responsibility to care for their well-being.
  • Employees in the office. You may only think of travelers when it comes to duty of care, but your duty of care obligations extends to all employees, even those coming into your offices every day. 
  • Employees on the road. What about employees in home offices or in the field? Or those driving from client site to client site? Employees constantly out of a physical office are some of the hardest to track and support. 

This checklist highlights common gaps for different types of employees and actions organizations should be taking to better support them. Download the checklist now.