Word Travels About SAP Concur

Corporate travel is returning, and business travelers are eager to see customers face to face (or mask to mask). With policies and the nature of business travel evolving, employees are seeking both information and usability.

SAFETY AND AWARENESS: Travelers are concerned about health and safety, and organizations need to know where employees are and how to reach them quickly. Boost everyone’s confidence by providing travel updates and health guidance to employees you can readily locate and advise.

SUSTAINABLE TOOLS: Starting with booking, employees can choose responsible options such as hybrid rental cars or lower-emission flights. The paperless trail begins with travelers digitizing meal and other receipts that flow directly to expense reports consisting of ones and zeros, not trees and ink. Your team can track progress on sustainability and have the data in hand to back it up.

EASY TO ADOPT AND LEARN: An organization’s travel tools and rules are less likely to be used and adhered to if employees see them as cumbersome. From booking to submitting expense reports to staying connected during trips, SAP® Concur® solutions are easy to use. And companies have the assurance that policies are being followed and company spend is controlled.

“Travel is usually stressful for me and TripIt makes it less overwhelming ... I’m not just more productive, I’m actually happier.”

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