Improve End User Experience with SAP Concur Solutions

Employee experience isn’t just a buzzword. Now, more than ever, employees have expectations. And when those employee expectations aren’t met many will go in search of companies that will give them what they want. Sixty percent of global employees agree that the pandemic caused them to re-evaluate what they value in a workplace 

So, what do employees want? At the top of the list is flexibility. More than 50% of executives and employees expect to work remotely at least some of time in the next two years.  

Employees are also tired. They’re not just suffering from digital exhaustion but overwork in general. Only 38% of global employees agree that their company’s policies and technologies effectively enable flexible work.  

Safety and sustainability are also seen as rising demands from employees. They expect employers to ensure their safety, including giving them the ability to make choices that make them feel most secure. And they want it to be done sustainably.  

In short, employees want a lot. Fortunately, SAP Concur solutions can help you deliver a positive employee experience. Our product portfolio allows employees to deal more easily and effectively with travel and expense management. Download the brochure to learn more.