Closing the Gaps in Compliance: An SAP Concur Client Community Report on T&E Audit Best Practices

As a leader responsible for your organization’s travel and expense programs, you’re faced with new challenges daily—new employees, new policies, new acquisitions and ever-changing regulations that require increasing controls and processes just to keep up. As a result, maintaining compliance while finding ways to drive costs out of your programs is priority number one. You have a fiduciary responsibility to follow accounting regulations, capturing and substantiating receipts for every expense. You have a further responsibility to see that the T&E policies you’ve put in place are being followed. Ultimately, this internal oversight and control is what your audit programs are designed to do. It’s deciding where and how to put them into practice that gets complicated. This report has insights from our SAP Concur Client Community covering the topic of global audit programs and the impact on your T&E policies.