[Travel, Transport, Cargo and Logistics] Masters of VAT eBook

In this eBook, you'll discover the variety of ways that SAP Concur  can support travel, transport, cargo and logistics companies to become  masters of VAT. Of course, VAT has been a valuable source of revenue for  the UK Government since 1973. Yet, despite more than 40 years of  getting used to calculating, paying and reclaiming VAT, businesses still  struggle to adhere to HMRC guidelines. With support from SAP Concur, it  doesn’t have to be this way. First, we offer an expense audit solution  to check for fraud and non-compliance. Secondly, we work with tax  specialists to help you comply with VAT regulations. Thirdly, we give  you visibility and control over all aspects of your travel, expense and  invoice spending. Crucially, we see VAT reclaim as an opportunity to  reduce business costs and put money back in your budget.