Empower The Future of Work With Intelligent Travel and Expense solutions

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To combat inflation, rising interest rates, and supply chain disruptions, investing in technologies that strengthen business resilience, improve operations, and create value is imperative. In addition, as the future of work becomes reality, employees are calling for processes and policies that are efficient, safe, cost-effective, and productive. Corporate travel and expense management has a prime opportunity to achieve those goals. SAP Concur commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate current travel and expense (T&E) challenges and the benefits of intelligent travel and expense solutions to all size of businesses. 

According to the researach1, 64% of respondents’ companies are under pressure to manage business costs and optimize resources more effectively. And 61% said the finance leaders at their companies don’t have enough visibility into near-real-time employee spend data.  

While automation can play a powerful role in unlocking employee time and energy, highly integrated travel and expense platform combined with AI-driven processes improve employee experience, reduce business spend, increase ROI, and even contribute to sustainability.  

What are other key findings?  

  • 78% of decision-makers want a single solution to manage their entire travel and expense process.2 
  • 59% of decision-makers said employee frustration with business expense process had a large or very large negative impact on the entire company.3  
  • 72% of decision makers are concerned about personal and company data security as it relates to their T&E solution.4  
  • 60% said tracking sustainability is a critical or high priority in corporate priorities.

To learn how integrated, AI-driven travel and expense platforms unlock employee value and save money, download the paper today to get insights from the Forrester study.  


Source 1-5: Empower The Future of Work with Intelligent Travel and Expense Solutions, A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by SAP Concur, May, 2023