(Media): Why SAP Concur? And The Cost of Doing Nothing

When it comes to investing in technology to automate your expense,  travel and invoice processes – or, better still, to look at seamlessly  connecting all three – it’s natural to ask: Why? What’s the benefit? And  – whether you’re new to us or an existing customer – how can SAP Concur  help me? One way to answer these questions is to look at what might  happen if you don’t address these areas of spend. In this eBook, we’ll  look at the four major business risks you can minimise by investing in  spend management solutions, the benefits of joining up all three  processes, key facts that can help you build a business case and a how a  connected approach supports businesses in your industry. The four risks  covered in this eBook are: 

Risk 1: Limited Visibility and  Uncontrollable Costs Are you confident that you have full visibility  over all the expenses being submitted, trips being planned and invoices  being processed by your employees?

Risk 2: Falling Foul of Compliance or  Regulatory Requirements Is your business fully compliant with rapidly  changing legal and regulatory measures? And are you confident you have  everything in place to effectively manage the risks of fraud and  financial crime?

Risk 3: Failing in Your Duty to Care for Your Employees  Can you instantly locate, communicate with and support your employees  travelling on business anywhere, at any time? Especially when they’ve  asked for immediate advice? Risk 4: Missing the Strategic View and  Losing Your Competitive Edge Do you have the tools, reporting and  insights you need to help your organisation retain its competitive edge –  rather than having to play a reactive, fire-fighting role? So what are  you waiting for? Read on to see how to future-proof your processes and  protect your business.