Build Sustainability into your Travel Program

Build Sustainability into your Travel Program

What’s Good for the Earth is Better for Business 

Travel sustainability is nothing new. Travel managers, travelers, and forward-focused people all across your organization have been talking about it for years. But now that employees and shareholders see its business value – and, more importantly, its environmental merit – it’s time to act. 

Momentum is building, and organizations are increasingly being called upon to build sustainability metrics into their travel programs, so travel managers can deliver detailed reports on program performance and finance can keep tabs on travel that is typically more expensive.  

Now, more than ever, your travel program is in the spotlight. And as you build it back up again in our pandemic/post-pandemic world, you’re building in safety, efficiency, confidence, and convenience. You’re creating simple new ways to help your travelers plan and prioritize trips, and you’re installing efficient new controls to cover everything from expenses to environmental goals. Organizations continue to place a greater focus on sustainability.  

It isn’t easy, but following these five tips will help.

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