All you have to do is ask: Authorization of spending with Concur Request

Concur Request: A surprisingly versatile way to boost convenience, spend control, and safety.

Concur Request is about adding proactive control through pre-spend authorization. That’s why employees should begin every business trip with Concur Request. It’s how you enforce company policy and gain visibility to expenses before they are incurred.

It’s where you get the details before deciding on an approval, and it’s how you stay on top of employee and travel safety. Just ask Concur Request:

  • Can I start traveling again? You have an authorization process in place to oversee the return to travel and capture the key categories of travel information.
  • Can I go to this city? Concur Request gives travelers a simple way to ask for travel approval and supports duty of care.

Travel, however, is only the beginning. When employees are making more and more spending decisions that require more and more oversight, Concur Request takes you further. Just ask Concur Request:

  • Can I come into the office? Your organization can have a simple, click through way to deploy new processes to meet employee requests and ensure employee safety in the office.
  • Can I stay home? Concur Request can help you stay on top of employee expenses and get visibility into where and how teams are working.
  • Can I continue my education? Bring consistency to the process of continued education and training while proving your commitment to investing in your workforce.

Concur Request gives you control over budgets, before they’re spent. It supports your duty of care, before anyone hits the road. It keeps you informed about who’s working from home and who’s in the office – and why that matters. And it allows employees to work efficiently, no matter where they’re working.

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