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How can CFOs help turn adversity into advantage in times of crisis?

While the crisis has created unprecedented challenges and uncertainty, it also presents an opportunity to pause, reassess, and develop strategies to help the organization not only survive, but become more resilient against future uncertain conditions. Each business must take a unique path that goes beyond simple recovery to instead drive reinvention. But whichever path makes the most sense for your business, technology can – and must – play a pivotal role.

To gain a better understanding of the impact, Gartner surveyed enterprise CFOs and reported these three key findings:

  • Focus has shifted from growth, efficiency, and partnerships to business continuity.
  • Increasing cash positions, reducing functional costs, and enabling remote work have become top priorities.
  • Finance leaders are uncertain about what to do next.
Gartner, “Evaluating Your Finance Transformation Program During a Pandemic,” April 17, 2020

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