Improving Working Capital Management

Achieve greater visibility on cash flow through automation and data analytics.

Where are the opportunities to create efficiencies in your procurement process?

By automating your accounts payable (AP) processes you can increase accuracy of cash flow forecasts, reduce operational costs and create opportunities for further savings.

Improve Visibility

Capture and share invoice data faster, enabling more informed decision-making

Implement efficient workflow

Streamline internal AP processes and free up resources for more strategic procurement

Integrate with payment providers

Improve cash flow with better payment terms and credit facilities

Automation and its Impact: Working Capital Discussion Paper

Find out how automation can play an important role in reining in operating costs and improving cash flow by optimising internal processes.

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Concur Invoice makes managing cash flow easier

Automate AP and get full visibility into spend. From automatic invoice capture and integration with any ERP or accounting system, to business intelligence and automated supplier payments, SAP Concur gives your team the tools it needs to optimise working capital.

Invoice capture

For organisations with no business network integration and manual AP processes, there is typically a significant delay from the date a non-PO invoice is received by the organisation to when it becomes visible to the CFO. With SAP Concur, invoice data can be captured with speed and accuracy. Read more.

Automate processes

Traditionally managing supplier invoices has been time consuming and labour intensive. SAP Concur automates the process and ensures accurate reporting for accruals and cash flow, as well as reducing inaccuracies – saving time for both the finance team and employees. See more.