SAP Concur Summit, India 2021

The era of 'Digital Reset' is here.

Ways of business are shuffling. With the definition of 'normal' being reset, the road to growth is closer or further, depending on your choice of business investments. Whether you want to survive or grow and thrive, one thing is indispensable today - enhanced visibility and control over your corporate spending.

In this context, The SAP Concur Summit India 2021, organized in association with ET will host a compendium of sessions and a congregation of expert voices. Leaders will discuss new playbooks for executive decision-making and critical business actions in the NEXT NORMAL.

Come with us and find out the opportunities for digitally enabled corporate leadership to support the Digital Reset and drive economies of scale.

SAP Concur Summit, India    6 Oct 2021, 2:30pm •  Details and registration here.Highlight at SAP Concur Summit India 2021

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