"Digital Reset" - Join us at SAP Concur Summit, India 2021

Digital Reset

While reset may seem to be just a normal phase, it is often a crucial turning point: when we stand at crossroads, take a decision, move ahead with renewed brio. 

It is said that to stay ahead of the curve in constantly changing times, there is a need to reinvent yourself, taking stock of the past and preparing for the future. There is a gamut of possibilities and experiences wrapped within just a single word – Reset. 
This word assumes even greater significance for businesses in the world of today, as we prepare for the transition to tomorrow. To unlock the true potential of digitalization and to ensure that it transcends from a watchword to an essential facet of human connect and societal resilience, digital reset is indispensable. 

With the advent of newer business models and processes, companies are reimagining themselves to adapt to changing times. In order to best leverage their key strengths and gain an extra edge, financial transformation has emerged as one of the vital pillars of corporate strategy to optimize outlay and lay down the groundwork for a financial vision. It is one of the core benefits of Digital Reset. Businesses need to be vibrant, resilient, and agile to deliver state-of-the-art products and services, create value, and leave an indelible impact on the world.  

At this year’s SAP Concur Summit, India 2021, we present before you the theme:
Digital Reset: Resilience, Transparency and control

  • Resilience for a better tomorrow, and to sail smoothly amidst instability, uncertainty, and unpredictability
  • Transparency for optimal workflows, spend visibility & management, unleashing innovation and committed trust
  • Control – to empower stakeholders, and ensure employee satisfaction and workforce engagement

Welcome to the event for a distinguished panel of industry leaders, professionals, and experts. 

Join us on October 6, 2021 for interactive sessions, discussions, and fresh insights on the role of digital reset in crafting a new business roadmap for sustained growth, employee experience, intelligent spend management strategy, future digital imperatives, and a lot more. 

Here’s a list of the sessions: 
CXO Panel Topic: Main Theme
Digital Reset: Resilience, Transparency and Control
CFO Panel Topic
New World of Digital Spend Management: creating an evolved strategy
CIO Panel Topic
Financial Transformation: Gaining Control and Visibility with Digital
CHRO Panel Topic
Future of Employee Experience: The Digital Imperative
Fireside Chat Topic:
Conquering Together: Overcoming Business Challenges and Thinking Big

What are you waiting for, register for the sessions and listen to scintillating panels featuring distinguished experts on an array of topics that matter to the world of business with a sense of immediacy. 

Ever since the disruption last year, companies around the globe adopted digital reset to achieve their targets, set new goals, and exceed customer satisfaction. Digital Reset helped foster a deeper connect, enhance transparency, and gave boost to dynamism and innovation.  

In a world driven by tech transformation and sustainability push, a concrete digital roadmap puts companies on a growth trajectory while that ensuring their focus on employee well-being, corporate spend and productivity, is unwavering. 

Greater resilience, transparency and control aligns the goals of companies towards financial transformation through an evolved spend strategy that helps seize new opportunities and add value for the stakeholders. 

As travel picks up momentum and we slowly get back to in-person meetings, seminars and conclaves, businesses will reorient and streamline their travel policies with an eye on growth and a more rounded employee experience. They will look towards retaining the best practices and embracing newer ones with a vibrancy. 

Be it rejigging supply chains, immersive end-user experience, empowering stakeholders, inserting resilience and transparency, all of it has been realized only due to digital reset, which is both the prelude to Digital Transformation and its constant companion. As technologies evolve and the endeavour to give centrality to human experience remains ongoing, a host of new possibilities will unveil before us. 

One of the most enduring takeaways from the pandemic has been that we are all in the same boat. This emphasizes the need for constant collaboration, reaching out, extend a helping hand and looking out for any problem-spots.  Digital Reset came to our rescue, salvaged our hopes, and kept connections vital for business and societies afloat. As we continue to navigate amidst uncertainty and take a moment’s pause to reflect, re-assess and re-organize, digital reset would re-energize us to bridge existing gaps for stakeholder value and abiding customer trust. 

October 6, 2021. Save the date. We heartily welcome you and anticipate your presence.  

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