Taking the pain out of Accounts Payable Management - an... PREMIUM
Reworking an outdated invoice policy can be intimidating. Get a head start with this whitepaper, produced by Proformative and sponsored by Concur. You'll get 9 tips for building an invoice policy and a template to help you create a vendor invoice and will take the pain out of accounts payable management. Once created and enforced, an effective accounts payable policy will: Reduce time...
The Intelligent Enterprise Changing the Face of Business PREMIUM
An Intelligent Enterprise includes three key capabilities: visibility, focus, and agility. Most organizations are already on a journey to build these capabilities, but intelligent technologies, such as machine learning, Internet of Things, and advanced analytics enhance their progress tremendously.
Closing the Gaps in Compliance: An SAP Concur Client... PREMIUM
As a leader responsible for your organization’s travel and expense programs, you’re faced with new challenges daily—new employees, new policies, new acquisitions and ever-changing regulations that require increasing controls and processes just to keep up. As a result, maintaining compliance while finding ways to drive costs out of your programs is priority number one. You have a fiduciary...
Whitepaper: Is Your AP Department Truly Automated? PREMIUM
This whitepaper published by IFO (Institute of Financial Operations) and sponsored by Concur, discusses what it means to have a truly automated AP department. It explores the components of AP automation and the challenges AP departments need to overcome to become truly automated and see the benefits of greater visibility, a paperless environment, and better cash flow management.
VAT and HMRC Compliance Tips and Ebook PREMIUM
Compliance is complicated. When your business doesn’t know the rules, penalties and costly fines can add up. Click below for helpful tips on keeping your business VAT and HMRC compliant. In this eBook, you’ll learn about: Common mistakes related to VAT rules How to reclaim VAT on fuel The ins and outs of international VAT How technology can help with VAT
Empower Organizations to Digitally Transform Their Expense,... PREMIUM
Organizations across the globe are undertaking digital transformation (DX) journeys to maximize employee productivity, reduce operating expenses, and improve business performance. One of the primary steps taken by organizations on this DX journey is making investments in cloud enterprise applications to automate their business processes. In particular, expense, travel, and invoice management...
Effective Risk and Compliance Strategies for Financial... PREMIUM
Financial services firms are changing rapidly. Regulatory changes, tax reform, and geopolitical issues are all tectonic plates moving underneath the financial services industry. While financial services firms must adjust quickly to this ever-changing reality, one issue that remains steady is the importance of maintaining compliance and mitigating fraud risk. Get insights from IDC analysts on...
How Can Finance Leaders Deliver Intelligence Across the... PREMIUM
Find out how SAP Concur solutions make expense, travel, and invoice management easier for employees and gain more insight into spending than ever before. Data visibility, simplicity, scalability, and compliance help free employees from expense, travel, and invoice tasks so they can unlock new opportunities to grow your business. Download the eBook.
Automation and its Impact on Working Capital Management PREMIUM
An organisation’s cash flow position and the management of working capital are critical to its healthy operation and ongoing success. Achieving better working capital management isn’t possible without first improving the visibility of your organisation’s financial position, both now and into the future. Without a clear picture of your...
Effective Spending Management Boosts Performance PREMIUM
In an increasingly competitive global economy, finance teams are working harder than ever before. CFOs today are expected to drive long-term growth and performance, and most are involved in strategic decision- making outside finance. The findings in this paper are among the results from a global survey of 1,500 finance executives across a broad range of industries, conducted...