Video Testimonials
Marico's transformation story with Concur!

The video throws light on what propelled Marico Industries to adopt Concur. Girish Rao, General Manager, IT at Marico speaks on why they felt the need to automate their T&E and what benefits they saw in implementing Concur. He talks about visibility, mobility and cost control as they key drivers and benefits offered by Concur. His sentiments are echoed by Arpit Jain, Head of Business Process Transformation.

User video testimonial

What does an end-user have to say about Concur? Does such a solution help them save time from mundane activities so they can channelize their efforts in to other productive tasks? Does it free them of repetitive work which otherwise is time consuming and tiresome? Yes, cloud-based services from Concur make managing spend simple, so employees too can focus on what matters most.

D&B video testimonial

This video provides substantial ground to why companies must adopt and implement Concur solutions to better their travel and expense management. D&B speaks in detail about how Concur helps them save cost, reduce resource wastage, increase compliance and employee efficiency; all this and much more by adopting one solution.

Stryker Medical video testimonial (2:26)

Our decision to use Concur really came down to cost savings. Hosting is the wave of the future so why not adopt that now?

RiskMetrics Group, Inc. video testimonial (4:15)

The Concur system helped our approvers reduce errors

PPG video testimonial (1:43)

With Concur we’ve been able to save significant manpower resources

Pennsylvania State University video testimonial (1:48)

Before Concur, we had a lot of human error and now it is documented with receipts

Moneygram International video testimonial (5:42)

We are able to implement audit rules on different threshold dollar amounts increasing effectiveness

Exelon Corporation video testimonial (1:18)

We chose Concur because our legacy system could not meet our business requirements

Emerson Embedded Computer video testimonial (3:58)

We have locations in seven different countries and Concur helps us keep our expenses on an even flow