SAP integration with Concur Solutions

Watch this product demo highlighting seamless native data integration with SAP ERP 6.0+ or SAP S/4HANA and your Concur solution.

Employee Experience Video

Why Tools Matter: A 5% increase in employee engagement results in 3% increase in revenue. - Forrester Research Inc 2017, The Employee Experience Imperative What if an expense report could make you more profitable? Employee engagement is about employee experience, and the success of your people and the business are inextricably tied together. SAP Concur believes if you focus on your people, the success of the organization will follow.

The Freedom Effect

How do you meet the needs of the 21st century worker? By implementing SAP Concur in your work environment you can deliver an intuitive, mobile experience your people will love. Learn more.


Recordati streamlined the end-to-end invoice management process by deploying Concur Invoice, resulting in time savings of 50%. Recordati Rare Diseases Inc. (RRD) is a biopharmaceutical company committed to providing often overlooked orphan therapies to the underserved rare disease communities of the United States. Recordati partnered with Concur to deploy Concur Invoice.

The Next Generation of Analytics from SAP Concur

Analytics provides you with a unified view of your SAP Concur data so that you can empower key stakeholders with the information they need to understand and impact the bottom line. Check out this video for some key examples of how Analytics can drive actionable insights for your organization!

Global Travel and Expense Innovation

Global companies are experiencing rapid change as our world becomes more digital, and corporate T&E processes are undergoing a transformation. Employee’s expectations have shifted toward a more personalized travel experience.

Intelligent Spend Management from SAP PREMIUM

This second, your company is spending money from many sources. Organizations need to manage spend across travel and expense, procurement and contingent workforce categories. However, uncertainty, complexity, and the rate of change aren't making it any easier. What if you could capture data and apply policy every time money is spent? With the best systems from each category, using the most extensive networks and platforms SAP brings your data into one unified view. That's Intelligent Spend Management from SAP.

SAP Concur and Wall Street Journal Podcast: Traveler Safety

It's 10 p.m., and your employee is alone in an unfamiliar city. Do you have that business traveler's back? In this episode of the Intelligent Business podcast, learn how to address key risk areas around traveler safety.