Reimagine your organizations travel and expense program PREMIUM
Today, travel-related spend is often the second largest line item in any organization, following payroll. It’s more important than ever to ensure your travel and expense management solutions are truly integrated. Only an integrated solution provides the visibility needed to drill down into employee spend, reinforce policy compliance and protect your bottom line.
SAP Concur speed up your invoice processing without the... PREMIUM
Activate a powerful invoice management solution and transform your organization. Spending today is immediate, trackable and mobile so organizations can move faster and be more flexible. Invoice processing should be just as quick, easy and beneficial.
5 Steps to Strategic Spend Management PREMIUM
What is spend management? Spend Management is the planning, process, and system of managing business dollars to positively affect the production of products and services. Spend management usualy includes processes relating to procurement, supply chain management, and outsourcing. Optimal spend management relies on the ability to understand and control company spend through automation...
Cut Costs and Optimize Cash Management with Expense Pay
Is generating an expense reimbursement or corporate card payment costing your organization valuable time, money, and focus? By streamlining your expense management process your company can speed up reimbursement time by 67%. This Expense Pay Brochure explores how optimizing your cash management will help your company gain greater visibility into all spend and enable your people to focus on...
Tipsheet: Advantages to leveraging business experts PREMIUM
More companies are determining their core strengths and hiring in-house subject matter experts to drive their business. Likewise, companies are finding unique ways to leverage outside resources to scale the non-core business functions. Sometimes, it makes more sense to hire external experts than focus in-house. This tip sheet highlights the advantages of leveraging outside business partners...
Concur User Support Desk PREMIUM
Providing full-time support is a time-consuming effort. Concur User Support Desk assists your people for you. Learn how you can simplify the user experience for your teams with streamlined, 24/7 support. Make the most of your Concur solution with the User Support Desk.
Automation and its Impact on Working Capital Management
An organisation’s cash flow position and the management of working capital are critical to its healthy operation and ongoing success. Achieving better working capital management isn’t possible without first improving the visibility of your organisation’s financial position, both now and into the future. Without a clear picture of your organisation’s current and future financial...
Automate Your Invoice Process with SAP Concur- Get Rid of... PREMIUM
Automate Your Invoice Process- Get Rid of the Paperwork, Manual Entry and Errors that Slow Down Accounts Payable.  Concur® Invoice eliminates piles of paperwork; drastically reduces processing time and—because it can integrate invoices with travel and expense payments in a single system—provides a complete view to monitor and...
Managing Meetings Incentives Conferences and Exhibitions... PREMIUM

Pharmaceutical companies organize and participate across thousands of MICE events every year, and this trend is on the rise. They face various process challenges while managing MICE events and are now about to face regulatory ones.

Technology solutions like ours, can help pharma companies better manage cost of meetings, increase visibility and enforce compliance; in real-time.

5 Steps to Strategic Spend Management PREMIUM
All CFOs are concerned with how their company is spending its money. However, this is of particular concern for CFOs of small to mid-size businesses who need to manage their cash flow effectively to survive. To survive and maintain a competitive advantage, companies need to be strategic in their spending and...