Use Technology to Keep Your Travelers Safe

More and more employees are traveling on behalf of their companies, and growing numbers of business travelers means a growing responsibility to traveler safety. Fortunately, a growth in innovation has spurred on the creation of tools companies can use to improve traveler safety within their travel program. Here are three areas in which technology can help you keep your travelers safe.


1. Locating employees: Ensuring traveler safety starts with knowing where your travelers are. This can often be difficult since some employees prefer to book directly with suppliers, which keeps their travel plans – and their location – hidden.  Capturing and bringing these bookings back into your travel program shines a light on travelers’ locations so they can quickly be accounted for in the event of an emergency, and you can fulfill your duty of care. 


2. Communication: Communicating with travelers while on their trip is vital to keeping them safe. Providing travelers with apps that automatically notify them of gate changes and can guide them through airports helps them manage unexpected changes in plans. And in the event of an emergency, travel managers can leverage solutions that let them immediately begin two-way communications with travelers and get them to safety.


3. Informing Travelers: Help travelers avoid unsafe areas with a solution that offers safety scores and heat maps on categories such as physical harm, women’s safety, health and medical, political freedoms, and theft for neighborhoods around the world.


We are dedicated to helping you keep your travelers safe. Visit our site to learn even more about meeting the needs of both your travelers and your business with SAP Concur. 



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