Travel & Expense Management Decoded For The Millennial Employees


Smart technology to allow for travel & expense management solutions that ensure more and hassle-free travel, which includes pre and post dilemma.


Global business travel is on a steady rise. A report by American Express Global Business Travel had predicted “healthy growth of the global meetings market in 2016, with meetings of all types expected to increase as organizations continue to expand globally.” The increase in business travel coupled with moderate air, hotel and ground transportation compels travel managers to grapple with rising spend, while trying to keep the traveler satisfied and productive. Though for the business traveler what really matters is the outcome from the undertaken trip, and this can happen only if ‘all else’ is taken care of. Another research finding by Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Foundation highlights how business travelers value convenience over cost saving.Convenience encompassing the overall experience that includes eliminating post-travel blues, built up in collating expense vouchers, putting together the reimbursement account; basically tracking and managing incurred expenses. So for the busy corporate traveler, it certainly is good news - the newer technologies literally allow comfortable, stress-free global travel in the palm of your hand providing the traveler the much-needed accessibility and flexibility. According to a recent PhoCusWright report, mobile transcends all aspects of the customer experience in travel, with the following being the source of revenue expected in 2016: millenial employees There are various applications that offer seamless travel experience by way of leveraging intuitive technology that allows the traveler access to the entire expense management ecosystem of customers, suppliers and developers from the web or a handheld device just about anytime, anywhere, for continuous connectedness. By and large, such technology uses cloud-based and mobile solutions that can be adapted to suit an individual’s preference, keeping in mind corporate policies and guidelines. One particular receipt-capturing app ExpenseIt Pro automatically creates and categorizes expense entries from the photos of receipts taken using the mobile, and another app Triplink creates expense reports on its own – it is faster, accurate and done on-the-fly. This also ensures that the business traveler is reimbursed quicker – sometimes less than 3 days now instead of the usual few weeks. These apps allow business travelers to create, review and approve expense claims, and book and change travel itineraries – all from a smartphone. They also have in-built automated company policy controls through red-flag alerts to ensure compliance without any stress. When used as a package, the mobile devices & apps make business travel a smooth sail through: millenial employees 2 These open integrated platforms that house the entire expense ecosystem of customers, suppliers and developers allow the corporate traveler to access the system on the fly, without the hassle of getting involved in mundane tasks that take up a lot of time and come in the way of productivity. As these expense solutions are not software’s they don’t need installation and upgrades from time to time; they are housed on the cloud, are flexible and can be customized to suit the company’s requirements.

So, crazy travel schedules ahead of you? How would you make the most of your business trip and ensure you stay productive?

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