Thinking of moving to the cloud? Tips for starting securely

If you haven’t moved to the cloud yet, chances are you’re considering it—according to Gartner research, moving to the cloud is a top priority for 32 percent of CIOs around the world[1]. Of course it is: we’re all under pressure to save costs and use resources more strategically, and what’s more strategic than having a system that never needs costly hardware updates? Or one that can scale up to meet sudden spikes in usage at the push of a button? With consumers and businesses alike expecting more from IT—more agility, more mobile solutions, more real-time turn-on-a-dime—the cloud looks like the solution to a whole lot of challenges.

But you have to balance the benefits of the cloud with the security of your data, lest your organization becomes another in a long line of companies to face a data breach. According to the 2015 CIO Survey, 89 percent of CIOs agree that in addition to the considerable opportunities afforded by digitalization, the digital world engenders new, vastly different and higher levels of risk, and 69 percent said that the discipline of risk management is not keeping up.[2]


What if you didn’t have to compromise?

When asked to weigh in on moving to the cloud, experts tell you to take a focused approach: start with a pilot project, or with one part of your system. One where you can see immediate gains and make a solid business case for expanding your use of the cloud.


Your business travel and expense management processes are a prime opportunity.

By using Concur, you can start the process of moving to the cloud in a safe and effective way. Concur gives you a way to preserve the security, data integration, and governance of your ERP system while taking advantage of the ease and efficiency of cloud services, like the cost savings from not having to make significant investments in hardware and the ability to re-deploy your internal IT resources into more critical areas of your company.

By integrating your ERP with Concur, you get the best of both worlds: the benefits of the cloud and a sophisticated yet simple way to manage expenses that integrates with your ERP system directly and securely. That’s one reason why we say that Concur is the shortest distance between you and the cloud.

It’s not just about efficiency and effectiveness anymore. As an IT leader, you need to show how your organization’s technology investments are driving innovation, agility and growth. Learn how to do so securely.



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