Take the highway to speed up T&E

Improved infrastructure is helping Indians with faster connectivity. Since we are now able to save travel time, a better life is not a distant dream. The development authorities have started undertaking several projects that will change, and a few have already started changing, the face of many states in the country. Be it highways, metro rails or monorails, the recent developments sure indicate better days to come.

While the government, at both state and central level, is implementing steps and switching to advanced technology and better connectivity via highways and expressways, why should corporates lag behind? Gone are the days of manual processes that involve meticulously reviewing huge piles of vouchers, cross checking receipts, making entries accurately, calculating and getting approvals. Switch to automated Travel and Expense management solutions and stay with the times. These not only speed up processes, as if you are on a smooth expressway, but also offer companies greater control and compliance.

Did you know that studies show that automated T&E solutions can help your company save around 79% in booking costs! Also, as much as 41% of time can be saved in completing expense reports!

Imagine using a common tool for travel booking and expense reporting! Travellers can access their itinerary and expense report in one place by using only one login/URL. So that speeds up processes and increases productivity. Now, some T&E solutions providers even offer integrated solutions that enable you to choose from several features so that your organisation's requirements are perfectly met.

Opt for the automated T&E solutions highway and enjoy many more benefits:

  • eReceipts: Electronic versions of folio receipts for hotels and car rentals save time as travelers can use this eReceipt instead of uploading an image and most of the expense report detail will be pre-populated automatically.
  • One click expense reports: It allows you to quickly generate an expense report using the details from an air itinerary. The system looks at the dates of travel from the itinerary and your pre-populated card transactions in expense and automatically generates an expense report.


This highway to T&E also offers instant travel expense analysis! Companies can get a complete overview of the expenses made by all employees. With advanced reporting, the expenditure made on travel and other expenses can be accessed. It can quickly help companies identify areas where the cost can be reduced.

So evolve with the times and take the highway to T&E!

Learn more about Concur Expense to elevate your Travel & Expense journey.

  • Synchronised corporate cards: Companies that mandate usage of a corporate card can make it easy on the travellers by allowing them to use the same card loaded in the system for expense reports and travel booking, which eliminates manual entry of a card for travel booking.
  • Mapping information: Each company has a unique set of active expense types and can map these to the typical fields on hotel folios. An expense report that is already correctly mapped to the right expense types can be easily generated.

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