5 reasons to insist your business adopts Cloud Technology

Not that cloud adoption really requires any reasons but be sure to know that this technology does bring with itself a host of benefits that not only lowers operational cost but also boosts scalability at a corporate level. Imagine an on-the-go technology that discards time consuming procedures, caters to all business requirements simultaneously and makes user accessibility real-time.

Business managers world over recognize adoption of cloud infrastructure and related technology as an inevitable transformation. As per a study by IDG, 2015 saw 24% of IT budgets being allocated to cloud solutions, with the highest percentage being kept aside for SaaS models. With 69% of enterprises having at least one application or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud, this technology is rapidly growing as a business staple.

Of course there are also negatives to using the Cloud like data security, vulnerability to attack et al. However, there are ways to overcome all of them and ensure the benefits outweigh risks thereby making this technology adoptable even for small business owners. Even though below listed are some reasons to make the Cloud transformation, today’s business houses surely don’t stay restricted to them and have taken Cloud computing in some form or the other, to all or most of its departments.

Reasons to adopt Cloud Reasons to adopt Cloud

Over and above the benefits listed above, the agility and savings that Cloud services bring can be dramatic. Companies can easily balance the risks by adding fault-tolerant options, either through the Cloud provider or by setting up procedures that ensure the pitfalls are taken care of. In the end, businesses need to analyze and evaluate Cloud potential viz-a-viz not using this technology and derive at a decision that considers not only investment but also keeps in to account the future course of the company.

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