O la la: Business rides get smoother with Concur Ola partnership

A recent Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) Business Travel Industry Outlook – India report positions India as the 10th biggest business travel market in the world, with the GBTA Foundation report estimating a whopping 10.2% growth in 2017. An entire generation of Indian business travellers is now travelling more frequently and widely to expand and enhance business operations.

A significant part of this travel is on-ground. For Companies it is imperative to stay prepared to manage this trend, and find ways and means to simplify it. Here’s how:


Towards victory for the road warrior

Sometimes, the most cumbersome part of travel is the end of it – the receipt, payment and closure of the trip. A Travel & Expense Management Report states that most companies continue to submit paper-based expense receipts via mail. The below graph shows the current process of filing road transportation expenses. Needless to say, it already looks tedious and time consuming with majority still relying on paper!

Now keep aside filing and claiming part; lost documents, denied employee reimbursements and inaccurate entry, these too lead to unnecessary wastage of resources. Add to this – an exhausting manual tracking process, disparate and disconnected ground transportation vendors, and you have on hand a complex and expensive budget with a complicated reporting process. Is there a way out? Is there a more efficient way to make travel more cost-productive without sacrificing accuracy, compliance or results?

It’s time to bring seamless mobility benefits to the business traveller – where they can book cabs for business, generate receipts once the trip is over, and automatically move it to an expense reporting system – all on-the-go. No documentation, no tracking, no sweat. Great news for meeting hoppers who find it a pain to document and later track receipts, and keep following up for reimbursement, days after, right?


To simplify expense reporting

Welcome financial process automation that you can access on-the-go- an imperative for efficient corporate travel. It is a world where mobile functionality can instantly replace outdated expense spread-sheets and bring in speed, productivity and compliance.

Manual data entry goes down. Visibility goes up. Expense reports processing costs are slashed. What’s more, these benefits with all analytics and reports can now be generated by an automated system accessed easily. This includes data on employee travel trends, setting restrictions on when or where your employees travel and more.


One move, many benefits

So what are we talking about? Concur has joined hands with Ola Corporate to build a connected platform that radically improves the experience for Concur’s business traveller. With this partnership available as an app on Concur App Centre, Concur customers can enjoy seamless expense management through paperless, automated invoice and zero manual intervention; plus improved productivity and reduced manual errors.

“This integration will offer a seamless, hassle free on ground transportation management for several leading Corporates registered with Concur”, says Ankit Jain, Head – Ola Corporate.


How it works

A partnership forged earlier this year, Concur customers get the flexibility and ease of hailing an Ola cab as and when required for business and pay from their company’s centralised pre-paid account. Concur customers will have access to the features of Ola Corporate including diverse and customised mobility solutions across its cab categories pan India. Users simply need to connect their Concur account with Ola in the App Centre. Concur solution consolidates all on-ground expenses and one place and is accessible at the click of a button. Users can automatically receive e-receipts and trip notes on Concur App.

“The improved convenience… is a huge value add and will go a long way in our goal of finding better ways to manage business expenses”, signs off John Gibbon, VP of Platform and Partner Solutions at Concur. Another way to help professionals zoom ahead in an expanding business world, we say.


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