Fast. Not Furious: 7 Highlights of Automated Travel and Expense Solutions

The need for speed is crucial as your business gets global and the scenario becomes more competitive. While all the action and thrill of your journey to be successful excites you, it is necessary that you upgrade to the latest developments in technology.

Your crew depends on your informed decisions. Gone are the days of manual time consuming processes that made travel and expense management an infuriating task. Save your team from the burden of the exhausting process of checking, analysing, filing and reporting on expenses. Most of this involves seemingly never-ending paperwork or spreadsheets based expense report forms. It not only dampens the team spirit and makes some of them furious, but also wastes a great deal of time.

Now, your crew on the move already uses mobile phone apps. Imagine if you could offer them a user-friendly and smart solution for Travel and Expense (T&E) Management!Opt for automated T&E solutions and you will be impressed with the improved productivity and a brilliant team spirit in your organisation.

An automated T&E app can simplify processes like never before. You team can access itinerary and expense reports in one place. It can result in transparency in expenses and increased savings. It even saves you from the last minute stress when it's time for audits!


7 Amazing Highlights of T&E Solutions:

  1. eReceipts: Save your employees from the trouble of clicking and uploading an images of receipts every single time they spend while on business travel. With automated solutions, they can easily use eReceipts for hotels and car rentals. What's more, most expense report details are automatically pre-populated. You also have an option to decide if an Air Ticket can be accepted as an eReceipt.
  2. One click expense reports: A brilliant setting enables you to generate an expense report instantly using details like dates of travel from an air itinerary and pre-populated card transactions, thus saving time and effort.
  3. Open booking policy: With business travellers opting for various travel agencies in an attempt to get better deals, exploring open booking policies sounds like a good bet. Opt for open booking functionality of automated T&E apps and ensures that travel booking data is fed correctly. However, if open booking is not permitted in your organisation, an audit rule can check to see if the preferred travel agency was used for an expense by comparing the agency data on the corporate card transaction with the list of preferred agencies.
  4. Reporting on booked vs billed data: Avoid discrepancies in booked versus billed amounts expensed for travel. An integrated T&E solution can help capture when the amount expensed for travel exceeds what was actually booked so that you can follow up either with the vendor or the employee.
  5. Synchronised corporate cards: If your organisation prefers the usage of a particular corporate card, you can eliminate manual card entries for travel booking. You can make things simpler for your crew by allowing them to use the same card loaded in the system for travel booking as well as expense reports.
  6. Mapping information: Quickly and easily generate an expense report that is already correctly mapped to the right expense types particular to your company.
  7. Proven track record: Studies show that automated T&E solutions can help your company save around 79% in booking costs. Also, as much as 41% of time can be saved in completing expense reports.

So save your crew from the trouble of manual and slow processes. Let them act fast without being furious!

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