Work, Sleep, Family, Repeat OR Family, Friends, Work, Repeat... Is 'balancing' the real COO dilemma?

Does this sound like our generation’s COO dilemma?

What to prioritize? Where to draw the line? What order to follow? How to balance work & home? How to take out time for friends, family and fitness?

What does work-life juggling mean to an enterprise head, who needs to constantly navigate through challenges to maintain a balance? Thankfully at least business operations can be somewhat streamlined and automated to offer that harmony every CEO, CFO, COO, CTO and all the C’s of businesses are in perpetual search of.

Even though technology has brought about a massive change in enabling business heads to deal with their processes better, there certainly is an overload of commitment on the work front and this seems to be a pre-requisite of any high-profile position. With smartphones, tablets, laptops and connected devices, there is absolutely no way our modern day chief can escape work commitments. With more than a 55-hour workweek, on an average our leaders spend their time in this proportion.   The underlying concern still remains on where the line needs to be drawn! (OR IS THERE EVEN A LINE WHEN IT COMES TO A COO-LEVEL PROFILE?)

This is where simplified solutions need to take over a part of responsibilities otherwise handled by our COO leaders. For instance, step-in integrated solutions that take care of travel arrangements, digital assistants that keep a track of meetings and itinerary, internet based applications that ensure mobility and makes connectivity effortless, expense managers that handle expense solution management; all this and much more, not just for the C-level managers but also catering to the employee force so as to ensure that work-life balance can be maintained, productivity can be enhanced and wastage of resources can be reduced.

Discover how some of these smart choices can be made.


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